Disruptive Practitioners: Legal Issues & Solutions for your Code of Conduct and Medical Staff Policies

HealthCare April 9, 2021 01:00 PM EST 60 Minutes Elizabeth A Snelson


Problems caused by professional misconduct range from patient care jeopardized by victimized providers to liability for harassment in this era of #MeToo.

However, outbursts and other inappropriate behavior can be symptoms of physician burnout or undiagnosed physical conditions. Conduct can be subjective; claims can result from retaliation or malice.

Monitoring the work readiness of physicians and other providers can be a huge responsibility involving credentialing and other peer review.

Hospital Codes of Compliance may be drafted to address only employees conduct while medical staff bylaws often fail to address conduct as subject to corrective action-or both could purport to govern physician behavior but under contradicting and inconsistent requirements and procedures.

This webinar will instruct attendees on appropriate policies and procedures to prevent and address physician and other provider disruptive behavior.

Why you should Attend

Hospitals and other facilities face liability when health care is endangered by the conduct on the part of physicians and other medical staff members and clinical employees.

Not only can quality be jeopardized by inappropriate touching, intimidating comments, threats, and other unprofessional behavior, but hospitals and facilities can also be liable for harassment and fostering an unhealthy work environment.

Joint Commission calls on hospital management, boards and medical staff leaders to implement codes of conduct.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Legal responsibility for disruptive behavior
  • Peer review protection for corrective action for actions based on conduct
  • Hospital accreditation requirements
  • Dangerous inconsistencies between hospital policy and medical staff requirements

Who Will Benefit

  • Medical Staff President
  • Bylaws Committee Chair
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Vice President of Medical Affairs
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director of Medical Staff
  • Medical Staff Attorney
  • Hospital Counsel
  • Medical Staff Manager
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